Unsightly scars can be a source of embarrassment for many, especially if it is in a prominent place. Although many scars fade significantly over time, they can remain raised, textured, and discolored. While scars can never go away completely, scar revision can improve their appearance.

Scars tend to become less noticeable over time. Therefore, most scar revision procedures are not recommended on scars less than 1 year old.

Scar tissue is a natural result of an injury to the skin. New collagen fibers work to heal the wound and bring the skin back together. The new tissue has a different look and texture than the uninjured skin. Scars as the result of a burn injury may result in contracture, which restricts movement. The type of scar revision procedure you receive will be determined based on the type, extent, and location of the injury, as well as your esthetic goals. Laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, Z-plasty, and skin grafting are common scar revision procedures.

Your surgeon will work with you to determine the type of scar revision procedure that is right for you. When you come to Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, you and your surgeon will discuss your esthetic goals and evaluate the right course of treatment. The details of your procedure, including your options for anesthesia, will also be discussed.