The eyes are often one of the first places to show signs of aging. As the years pass by, our collagen and elastin levels naturally begin to deplete, resulting in drooping, sagging eyelids, and an overall aged appearance. 

At Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Mohamed, our board-certified oral, maxillofacial, and cosmetic surgeon, uses eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to delicately and precisely target droopy eyelids, remove excess skin around the eyes, and provide natural-looking contours for a more vibrant, youthful complexion.

Indications That Blepharoplasty Is Right for You 

If you are considering eyelid surgery in Charlotte, here are some indications that this highly precise and effective procedure may be right for you.

  • You have drooping upper eyelid skin, creating disproportionate contours around the eyes.
  • You have puffiness in your eyelids caused by fat deposits.
  • You have constant bags under your eyes.
  • You have sagging lower eyelids that may reveal the white part of the eye below the iris.
  • You have fine lines, wrinkles, and excess skin on the lower eyelids.
  • You have drooping upper eyelids that affect your vision. 

If any of these sound familiar to you, a blepharoplasty may significantly improve your quality of life. Contact us to learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. Mohamed and his team. 

Purpose of Eyelid Surgery 

Depending on your individual goals and circumstances, eyelid surgery can serve many different purposes. At Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we use eyelid surgery to: 

  • Remove excess skin on the eyelids and around the eyes
  • Eliminate folds on the eyelids
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten surrounding tissues for beautiful contour
  • Eliminate fat deposits to reduce puffiness
  • Restore a more youthful and energetic appearance

No matter what cosmetic concern you would like to treat with blepharoplasty, the overall purpose of this intricate and artistic procedure is to help you feel your best with an appearance you love to look at in the mirror.

The Procedure Process Explained 

Eyelid surgery is a highly individual and unique procedure that can subtly yet effectively transform your appearance. Before you take the next steps toward scheduling your blepharoplasty, learn more about our procedure process, including your initial consultation, preparation steps, and what you expect during your surgery. 

Your initial consultation with Dr. Mohamed is where the two of you will discuss your aesthetic concerns, goals, and expectations for your cosmetic procedure. 

He will also ask you about your medical history, past and present medical conditions, previous surgeries, and the type of anesthesia you would prefer for your surgery. Dr. Mohamed is qualified to safely administer all types of anesthesia and offers general anesthesia or IV sedation. 

He will also perform an assessment that looks at your primary concerns, tests your vision, and examines your tear production. 

Once Dr. Mohamed has a better understanding of your cosmetic desires, and how he can help you achieve them, he will create a customized treatment plan that meets your individual needs. 

While Dr. Mohamed will provide you with a detailed list of preoperative instructions before your procedure, he will likely ask you to adjust your current medications, avoid certain medications, quit smoking, avoid sun damage leading up to your surgery, make arrangements for your recovery, and prepare your recovery space. Additionally, you may be asked to stop eating and drinking before your procedure. 

If you have chosen upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Mohamed first makes incisions around the eyelid that are strategically placed to result in minimal scarring. Then, he removes fat deposits along the upper lids, tightens the muscles, and removes excess skin. 

If you have chosen lower eyelid surgery, he removes excess skin around the lower eyelid through an incision just below the lash line. Depending on your customized treatment plan, he may redistribute excess fat to produce a more balanced contour around the eyes.

Once the surgery is complete, your surgeon will close the incisions with sutures or skin glue. Then, you will be moved into our comfortable recovery room to rest until the anesthesia wears off. 

Recovery and Aftercare 

After your surgery, you can expect some swelling and bruising around your eyes and eyelids. It is also not uncommon to experience some minor swelling in other areas of the face. Use ice packs as necessary to keep swelling down. 

You will return for a follow-up visit with our team one week after the procedure, during which we will assess your healing progress and remove any sutures if necessary. If your progress looks ideal, you can resume your normal activities. 

For most blepharoplasty patients, results are visible within one to two weeks after the post-surgery swelling and bruising resolve. 

Regarding aftercare, it is very important that you follow our postoperative instructions for a smooth recovery and to minimize any post-surgical complications. Avoid disturbing your incision sites, and take care not to be abrasive with them when applying makeup or washing your face. Use dark-tinted sunglasses to protect your surgical sites from sun damage as you heal.

How Long Will My Results Last?

While eyelid surgery will not stop the aging process altogether, it can help turn back the clock and refresh your appearance for a more youthful complexion. Generally, blepharoplasty results will last a long time if you follow our maintenance recommendations. Dr. Mohamed recommends: 

  • Implementing proper sun protection throughout your lifetime, especially after cosmetic surgery. This includes daily sunscreen and sunglasses. 
  • Following an aesthetician-recommended skincare routine. 
  • Maintaining a healthy weight through regular exercise and a balanced diet. 
  • Drinking enough liquids throughout the day to stay hydrated. 

We’re Here for You

Let’s work together to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Soften the appearance of lines around your eyes and refresh your appearance with eyelid surgery in Charlotte, North Carolina. Contact Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery at (980) 247-2927 to schedule a consultation today.