If time has taken a toll on your face, resulting in sagging skin, deep wrinkles, and a tired, aged appearance, our experienced board-certified oral, maxillofacial, and cosmetic surgeon—Dr. Waheed Mohamed—can help you address signs of aging with a beautiful facelift in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Dr. Mohamed uses a strategic combination of the latest facelift techniques, advanced technology, and artistic skills to erase the most visible signs of aging, restore a more youthful complexion, and elevate confidence and self-esteem.

Am I a Good Candidate?

It is Generally Ideal For 

There are many reasons why you may want a facelift. However, this procedure is often a good choice if you have the following: 

  • Moderate to severe wrinkles 
  • Sagging or loose skin 
  • Lack of definition in the face and jawline
  • Poor skin elasticity and muscle tone
  • An older appearance than you desire
  • Skin that has some flexibility and elasticity 
  • Realistic expectations 

Additionally, you should be healthy enough for surgery, a nonsmoker, and free of medical conditions that may impair healing during recovery. 

It is Not So Great For

If you are considering a facelift in Charlotte, this procedure may not be right for you if you: 

  • Are not in good physical or emotional health
  • Have unrealistic treatment expectations 
  • Are concerned about a specific area, such as the eyes 
  • Do not have good-quality skin 
  • Desire a facelift for the wrong reasons 

How Old Do I Have to Be? 

Generally, you should be in your 40s or early 50s, as this is typically when a facelift can provide exceptional results. Though, if you are younger than this and believe you may benefit from a facelift, contact us to schedule a consultation. 

The Benefits of a Facelift 

Our faces naturally begin to look older due to the lack of collagen and elastin as we age. With a facelift in Charlotte, Dr. Mohamed can restore a more youthful appearance and address a wide range of cosmetic concerns. 

A facelift can: 

  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles that dermal fillers or BOTOX® can’t fix
  • Address deep folds on the face and neck 
  • Tighten the skin for a smoother appearance 
  • Restore fullness to the face 
  • Produce youthful-looking results in all areas of your face (instead of just one area)
  • Be used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures for an all-inclusive, transformational treatment

The Procedure Process Explained 

At Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our facelift procedure is highly-customized and precise to deliver beautiful results. To ensure you are fully prepared for the treatment, learn more about your initial consultation, how to prepare for your surgery, what your surgery will be like, and what you can expect during your recovery.  

Your age-defying facelift journey starts with a comprehensive consultation. During your consultation, you and Dr. Mohamed will discuss your cosmetic concerns, facelift goals, and expectations for the treatment. 

He will also perform a facial assessment to review your problem areas and explain how a facelift could help you achieve your aesthetic desires. 

Additionally, Dr. Mohamed will review your medical history, previous treatments, past and present medical conditions, your anesthesia options, and the quality of your skin to ensure that it will heal properly after surgery. 

At your consultation, Dr. Mohamed’s main priority is to ensure you feel confident in his skill and ability to help you achieve your goals before moving forward with the treatment. We follow a patient-focused approach that puts you, your needs, and your comfort first. We are committed to giving you the best facelift experience in Charlotte. 

Dr. Mohamed and his experienced team will provide you with a conclusive list of preparation steps to follow leading up to your procedure date. These steps may include taking certain medications, applying products to the face, avoiding aspirin and herbal supplements, and not smoking. We encourage you to follow these steps as closely as possible to ensure your surgery and recovery go smoothly. 

Before your surgery, Dr. Mohamed will administer general anesthesia or IV sedation to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. 

Next, he will perform your facelift according to your individual treatment plan, which may include a traditional facelift, neck lift, or mini facelift. 

In a traditional facelift, Dr. Mohamed makes strategically-placed incisions along the hairline to hide potential scarring. The tissues underneath the skin are then repositioned and tightened, and excess skin is removed. He may also redistribute fat around the face and neck for optimal results. 

A neck lift involves removing excess skin around the neck and chin. This is similar to a traditional facelift, except the incisions are made in the front of the ear lobe, extend behind the ear, and end in the posterior hairline.

A mini facelift is a variation of a traditional facelift that targets only the lower half of the face. Instead of enhancing the skin’s appearance all over the face, a mini facelift involves tightening the skin around the jawline and neck to deliver a more youthful appearance. 

Depending on which type of facelift you choose, your surgery will likely take between two and four hours to complete, but this can be longer if additional cosmetic procedures are performed at the same time. Additionally, your incisions will be closed with sutures, staples, or clamps as necessary to close the wounds. 

After your facelift surgery, you can expect mild to moderate discomfort, swelling, bruising, and numbness around the face and incisions. Keep your head elevated and use over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs to manage discomfort and swelling. 

You can expect a couple of weeks of downtime after your facelift, as you must prioritize rest and recovery during this time to foster optimal healing. After about one week, you will schedule a follow-up appointment to have your healing progress evaluated and stitches and/or sutures removed. At this time, many patients return to their everyday activities, including work or school.

Other Things to Consider Before Getting a Facelift 

If you are considering a facelift in Charlotte, there are some other aspects of this cosmetic procedure you should review before scheduling your consultation. These include the risks associated with a facelift, how much time you should take off from work, and what you can expect regarding results. 

Are There Any Risks Involved? 

As with any surgical procedure, facelifts have some risks, including bleeding, facial nerve injury, infection, numbness, skin discoloration, hair loss at the incision sites, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. 

Dr. Mohamed will discuss these risks in more detail, but you can rest assured that when you choose a qualified and highly-experienced surgeon for your facelift, the chances of experiencing these risks are minimal. 

Will I Need to Request Extensive Time Off From Work? 

Dr. Mohamed recommends taking at least one week off from work to prioritize your healing and recovery time. 

How Long Will My Results Last? 

Facelift results should last a long time if you follow our maintenance tips, including: 

  • Taking care of your skin with an aesthetician-recommended skin care regimen
  • Protecting your skin with UPF clothing and sunscreen
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eating a nutritious diet 
  • Staying hydrated 
  • Getting good quality sleep 
  • Managing your stress levels 

Is It Really Worth it? 

If you feel self-conscious about your appearance due to deep wrinkles, sagging skin, or an aging complexion, a facelift may be the right cosmetic treatment to help you look and feel your best. Many of our facelift patients return to us with improved confidence, self-esteem, and quality of life, making this treatment highly worth it! 

You’re in Good Hands With Carolina Centers

As a board-certified oral, maxillofacial, and cosmetic surgeon with years of experience, you can trust that Dr. Mohamed will help you achieve your aesthetic goals with a facelift in Charlotte. If you are ready to learn more about this comprehensive procedure or schedule a consultation, contact our practice at (980) 247-2927.