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2014 Orthognathic surgery textbook edited by Dr. Brian Farrell, Dr Myron Tucker & Dr. SpagnoliOur office has 12 practicing board-certified oral surgeons giving us a truly multi-disciplinary approach to oral & cosmetic surgery. Some of our doctors are extensively trained on cosmetic surgeries, like Dr. Mohamed, some are truly orthognathic surgery experts, with years of study, teaching and publishing experience on the subject.

In fact, many of the surgical methods pioneered at our facilities are taught to medical school students throughout the nation and the world, with multiple textbooks being translated into multiple languages. One could say we wrote a couple textbooks on oral & facial surgery.

One of our most significant contributions to the facial surgery world is the pioneering of a new virtual imaging model nicknamed the ‘Charlotte Method’. This powerful virtual imaging interface digitally maps a patient’s head & jaw area, giving us the ability to show a patient their potential procedure options and visual results from those options. Our technology is truly changing the face of oral & facial surgery.

Our Staff

Alongside of our experienced oral surgeons, you’ll find a world-class professional medical staff working diligently to make sure our patients are comfortable and calm. Our surgical coordinators, front office staff and all the support staff you encounter at our offices are working to make sure your visit is truly an experience you’d tell your friends and family about.

Our Locations

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