Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting strengthens and repairs your jawbone to support dental restoration.

The oral and maxillofacial surgeons at the Carolinas Centers for Oral & Facial Surgery use bone grafting to improve oral function and provide jawbone support for dental implants. Our doctors use advanced grafting techniques and technology to strengthen targeted areas of your jawbone and prepare your mouth for restoration after tooth extraction.

Bone Grafting Explained

A bone graft uses granulated material in a specific area of the body to promote new bone growth. In oral surgery, bone grafting rebuilds bone in the jaw and is a common first step for many dental implant patients.

When a tooth is missing and not replaced, the loss does not stop at the tooth. Over time, the bone underneath deteriorates. While many patients with varying degrees of bone loss are candidates for dental implants, those with insufficient bone may require a bone graft to rebuild the lost bone and successfully support an implant.

The bone grafting material may be sourced from a bank (donor bone), or your own bone may be used. Synthetic material is another option. Your oral surgeon will review your options, including your options for anesthesia, during your consultation appointment.