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Having ears with an odd shape or a disproportionate size can take a toll on your self-image. This effect can be especially pronounced among children and teens, who may face many unwanted social implications due to their malformed ears. For this reason, many parents wonder about potential surgical solutions.

Through otoplasty or ear surgery, skilled plastic surgeons can reshape the ears, correcting malformations and bringing them into proportion with the other facial features. The question is, is otoplasty a viable option for kids? At what point is a child old enough to receive this surgery?

How Old Do You Have to Be for Otoplasty?

We understand that parents often want their kids to have malformations corrected before they start school, avoiding any social stigma or bullying. At Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we have performed otoplasty for kids as young as five or six. However, ear surgery can be a viable option for older children and through adulthood. For younger kids, we generally advise waiting until they are closer to school age.

Determining Eligibility for Otoplasty

No matter your age, the otoplasty experience always begins with a consultation in a comfortable, private treatment area. Your surgeon will perform a physical evaluation and ask questions about your medical history, ensuring you are eligible for a safe and successful procedure.

For parents of young kids, this consultation can be a great time to ask questions about the procedure, use of anesthesia, the recovery process, and expected aesthetic outcomes.

Additional Questions About Otoplasty for Kids

Will My Child Have Any Scars Following Ear Surgery?

Our surgeons will carefully and strategically make incisions, hiding any long-term scars behind or inside the ears’ folds. The scars will be virtually invisible.

Will Otoplasty Affect My Child’s Hearing?

Otoplasty strictly deals with cosmetic issues, specifically those related to the outside part of the ear. As such, the procedure will not affect your child’s hearing ability.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Most kids who have otoplasty are ready to resume all of their normal activities within one to two weeks. During recovery, you must be extra careful in protecting your child’s ears so they do not become dislodged or damaged.

How Long Does The Surgery Itself Take?

Otoplasty is an outpatient surgery that typically lasts between two and three hours.

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