Dr. Brian Farrell

Medically reviewed by Dr. Brian Farrell

Patients can now see oral surgery results instantly, prior to the actual operation.

Charlotte, NC – With recent advancements in technology and a team of talented oral surgeons, Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery (CCOFS) has pioneered major advancements in the use of virtual surgery planning (VSP) to digitally render customized surgery results while consulting with pre-operative patients in their Charlotte offices.

In recognition of this, Dr. Peter Franco & Dr. Brian Farrell, part of the 12 oral surgeon team at CCOFS, have been selected to host a lecture series on the technology at the 2016 Annual meeting of AAOMS oral surgeons in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In addition to the transparency and peace-of-mind the virtual surgery model brings to the patient and their families, the technology allows oral surgeons to take that data directly into the operating room and use it as a customized surgical plan for each patient.


Virtual surgical modeling, and new emerging technologies like it, have the promise to dramatically improve the effectiveness of oral surgery in years to come. CCOFS surgeons have taken a lead in pioneering this advanced surgical technology and techniques to increase the level of care to their patients. As Dr. Franco & Dr. Farrell lead the lecture series at the 2016 AAOMS Annual Meeting later this year, they will discuss the advances virtual technologies have already made, as well as their future potential for surgeons and patients alike.

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