Missions: Restoring Smiles and Creating Change

Cleft Lip & Palate Patients Around the World

Dr. Kapitan and our multidisciplinary team of specialists provide life-changing surgery and treatment to cleft lip and palate patients around the world. We work with patients and their families to restore facial aesthetics and oral function, and bring the same family-centered approach to care our team is known for.


A Worldwide Mission to Heal

Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery works to extend our sense of community to include patients all around the world. We believe life-changing surgeries should be accessible and available regardless of the patient’s location. Oftentimes children born with facial anomalies in underserved areas can face more social stigma and isolation because of cultural beliefs and misunderstandings. It is much harder for their families to afford and find the necessary medical treatment they so desperately need.

Without early intervention infants and children can develop severe malnourishment issues, and those who grow into adolescence or adulthood can be ostracized because of their difficulties with speech. Dr. Kapitan and our multidisciplinary team use an integrated treatment approach that brings together the top specialists in the Charlotte area to manage the long-term care of their condition. We pride ourselves on the ability to work with families to provide the best possible outcomes and restore hope in a future where patients can live a healthy and happy life.

At Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery, we believe a family should never have to forgo cleft lip and/or palate treatment because of cost. Through nonprofit organizations like the Free to Smile Foundation, we are able to provide cosmetic treatment to children in underserved countries. As a member of the board or directors, Dr. Kapitan is directly involved in organizing and executing mission trips where doctors and volunteers generously give their time and resources to make sure that all donations made to the Free to Smile Foundation go directly to helping the children.


Our Previous Mission Locations:

Guatemala City, Guatemala | Patzun, Guatemala | Antigua, Guatemala | Columbia | South Sudan | Kenya | Zimbabwe | Niger | Ethiopia