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Wisdom teeth removal, also known as third molars, is one of the most common procedures performed by our oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

They are the reason many people first visit an oral surgeon.

Wisdom teeth are actually molars and are found at the back of your mouth. Adults typically have 4 wisdom teeth: the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right. Wisdom teeth usually appear in late teens or early twenties. As young adults mature, they may experience an impacted (fail to erupt) wisdom tooth.  This is typically due to lack of room in the jaw, teeth crowding or the angle that the tooth is in.

In addition to causing pain, impacted teeth represent an immediate health risk as they can easily become infected and lead to serious dental problems down the road. Partially-impacted teeth and non-impacted teeth are also at risk of infection and should be removed to promote better dental health and less teeth crowding.

Wisdom Tooth Pain
If wisdom teeth can't break through the gums, they can lead to severe pain and other symptoms like constant headaches, dizziness and face and jaw swelling.

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Why Is Wisdom Tooth Removal So Important?

Wisdom Teeth Become Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth or third molars are usually blocked from entering the mouth because of lack of space. This is referred to as an impacted tooth and can cause multiple problems if not removed. There are varying degrees of impaction in which teeth are completely or partially covered by bone and gums.

Impacted Teeth Can Cause Problems

There are several reasons for removing wisdom teeth including pain, infection, crowding of teeth, loss of bone and gums, damage to adjacent teeth or other structures, and can contribute to health problems. Cyst or tumors may arise from a developing third molar requiring larger, more extensive surgery.

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A Quick Surgery Fixes Long Term Issues

A short consultation at one of our offices involving an oral and radiographic exam should be done to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and potential problems. Your surgeon will explain the procedure and the recovery times from wisdom teeth extraction as well as answer any questions.

The Problems With Third Molars

Third molar teeth do not need to be impacted to create problems. There is usually little or no function to wisdom teeth and due to their position in the mouth, can be difficult to keep clean. Without complete eruption of wisdom teeth and healthy gums surrounding them, pockets collecting debris and bacteria increase the chance for infection. Pain is a common complaint during eruption and can be severe. Complications are difficult to predict; the longer the wisdom teeth remain the more likely they are to cause problems. The best prevention is removal of wisdom teeth during the teen years. Read more…

Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

The optimal time to remove wisdom teeth is usually in the mid-teenage years. Root development is not complete and removal creates less discomfort and a quicker recovery. Healing and the overall outcome are improved.

Removal of wisdom teeth is an outpatient procedure routinely done in our office under general anesthesia. To perform general sedation, an updated health history is required. Patients must not eat or drink for at least six hours prior to the procedure and need an adult escort for transportation to and from the surgery site.

Wisdom Teeth Overview
Wisdom Teeth Removal Patient Testimonial

Fully Accredited For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Our team of oral surgeons is board-certified by the AAOMS and bring a unique depth of experience and knowledge to the proper wisdom teeth care and extraction techniques.

They apply this experience towards the individualized comfort and care of each and every one of our patients in a state-of-the-art medical office setting.

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Our offices are the only in the Carolinas region to be AAAHC-certified. Our offices, equipment and team are all specifically geared to create a comfortable environment for your wisdom tooth removal surgery.

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