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Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders usually present as pain in the jaw joint which often radiates to the ears plus muscle pain and a limited ability to open the mouth. Chronic headaches and neck pain are common symptoms of TMJ.

Carolinas Center For TMJ Therapy offers comprehensive care regarding facial and jaw pain.

Our TMJ specialists have decades of experience in TMJ therapy and can help create a personalized action plan for your treatment. Most often, a splint will alleviate the symptoms of TMJ and our conservative treatment options are often enough to mitigate the pain.

For those with severe TMJ issues, we offer the most comprehensive suite of surgical and non-surgical options for treatment, backed by nationally-recognized, board-certified & fellow-trained oral surgeons in offices around Charlotte and Greenville, South Carolina.

Often, TMJ can often affect a person’s ability to swallow, speak, eat, chew, breathe and overall quality of life.  People with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and other conditions often have TMJ disorders as well.

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TMJ Disorders Are Common.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research approximately 10 million people in the United States alone suffer from TMJ issues. We believe you are in pain!


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TMJ Explained

Temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-mun-DIB-u-lur) joint (or TMJ) disorders are a family of problems related to your complex jaw joint. If you have had symptoms like pain or a “clicking” sound, you’ll be glad to know that these problems are more easily diagnosed and treated than they were in the past. These symptoms occur when the joints of the jaw and the chewing muscles (muscles of mastication) do not work together correctly.

The temporomandibular joint is the name for each joint (right and left) that connects your jaw to your skull. Since some types of TMJ problems can lead to more serious conditions, early detection and treatment are important.

We Are TMJ Specialists

No one in pain wants to hear “There’s nothing we can do for you”, or “Are you sure it’s not all in your head?”

At Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery, a patient will never have to listen to that kind of talk.  Our board-certified team of doctors is specially trained in disorders of the TMJ.

We are Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons who have completed both dental school and a 4 to a 6-year medical residency.  But don’t let the surgeon in our name fool you, the majority of TMJ cases can be resolved through conservative, non-surgical means.

Insurance For TMJ

If you are wondering about the costs of TMJ dentistry, know that out-of-pocket costs for TMJ treatments can be quite high.

Always check with your dental insurance provider to see what part of your treatment they will cover.

Next, be sure to check with your health insurance provider as they may cover part or all of your TMJ treatments, including your initial consultation with a specialist as a covered medical issue. You may only have to pay a specialist co-pay out-of-pocket. The list of our accepted insurances can be found here.

Read More About Each Of Our TMJ Doctors:

Dr. Cook is a 2nd generation oral surgeon with specialization in TMJ disorders and jaw surgeries. Dr. Cook has also traveled extensively on medical missions to Nicaragua and India, serving patients without access to surgery for debilitating deformities such as extensive craniofacial cleft lips and palates.

Dr. Eric Reitter is one of our deeply experienced TMJ specialists. Along with being a volunteer for Carolinas Medical Center, Dr. Reitter completed an extensive fellowship training focusing on TMJ/Facial pain treatments. He is considered to be one of the most experienced and highly sought-after TMJ dental specialists in the Southeast region.

Charlotte oral surgeon Dr. Nale, DMD, MD is also a highly specialized and sought-after TMJ dental physician named ‘Top Charlotte Dentist’ in 2010 by Charlotte magazine.

At Carolinas Center for Oral & Facial Surgery, Dr. Reitter completed an extensive fellowship training focusing on TMJ/Facial pain treatments.

Dr. Kapitan serves as Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at both Louisiana State University (LSU) and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC).

Dr. Mary Charles Haigler completed a continuum in Orofacial Pain at Louisiana State University’s Dental School and earned her postdoctoral Masters degree in the subject. She has made learning about the many sources and types of Orofacial (Head and Neck) Pain a priority so that she can better serve patients with TMD (TMJ disorder).

Read more about all of our oral surgeons here.