Dental Implants in Charlotte, NC

Long-Lasting Tooth Restoration

Our team of surgeons specialize in restoring missing or failing teeth with dental implants. Many patients turn to dental implants because they are comfortable, look natural, and improve oral health. Dental implants are the only tooth restoration option that prevents jaw bone loss, unlike removable dentures and bridges. 

You can restore a single tooth or your entire smile with full-arch restoration. Regardless of your current oral health or the amount of teeth you would like to replace, our skilled oral surgeons will create a treatment plan tailored specifically to you. Contact Carolinas Center for Dental Implants today to learn about what dental implants are and your restoration options in Charlotte, NC.

Types of Dental Implants

There are many ways that dental implants can restore your smile, and our surgeons will help you choose the right treatment for your goals.

  • Single Tooth Replacements. We can insert a dental implant anywhere in the mouth where you desire a new tooth or teeth.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge. Traditional dental bridges rely on adjacent teeth for support. When an implant supports a bridge, your natural teeth are protected and the jaw bone receives extra stimulation to remain healthy.
  • Immediate Implants. If you need a tooth extracted and have adequate jaw bone, we can insert a dental implant into the empty tooth socket during the same appointment. Same-day dental implants save time and money by not requiring a second surgical visit.
  • Full-Arch Restoration. By using only a few dental implant posts, we can attach a fixed denture in one or both arches. Your new smile will look and function just like a complete set of healthy natural teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

Carolinas Center for Dental Implants uses 3D imaging technology for enhanced precision during dental implant placement. During the consultation appointment, we will take scans of your mouth, examine your teeth and gums, and discuss your anesthesia options.

On the day of your oral surgery, your surgeon will make an incision in the gum tissue and insert the dental implant post. The incision will be closed with sutures and you will rest in the office until the anesthesia wears off. If undergoing IV sedation, a responsible adult must stay in the office during your procedure and drive you home afterward. This person should monitor and assist you for 24 hours.

A second surgical appointment will be scheduled to attach the abutment to the implant post if this was not done during the initial surgery. Over the next several months, your implant will fuse to the jaw bone and once it has fully healed, a restorative dentist will place the final crown.

Value and Cost of Dental Implants in Charlotte, NC

Dental implants are an investment in your oral health and have high success rates. Removable dentures may be cheaper upfront, but they do not prevent jaw bone loss and must be replaced due to wear and tear. Once inserted, your dental implant is there to stay and will serve you for many years. There is no special care regimen required. Simply brush and floss your replacement teeth to maintain good oral hygiene and your implants could last a lifetime.

The cost of dental implants varies depending on the number of implants you need, your dental insurance, anesthesia, and if you require additional oral and maxillofacial surgery. Our staff will provide you with a cost estimate for your dental implant treatment during the consultation. We will also discuss your options for financing dental implant treatment.

Denture Replacement With Dental Implants

Traditional full or partial dentures can quickly restore the appearance of missing teeth, and these options do not require surgery. However, patients who wear dentures quickly find them to feel uncomfortable and be a hassle to take care of. Learn more about the difference between dental implants and dentures.

Removable dentures can cause feelings of embarrassment when it’s time to remove your teeth during social settings. Dentures do not preserve facial structure and can lead to a sagging appearance. If you currently wear dentures and are looking for a healthier, more convenient solution, we invite you to contact us to learn more about denture replacement in Charlotte, NC.

Types of Anesthesia

There are three main choices for anesthesia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do tooth implants hurt?

Dental implant surgery is a comfortable experience with the use of anesthesia or sedation. Most patients undergo IV sedation and wake up with no memory of the surgery. After any surgical procedure, some swelling and minor discomfort can be expected, but you can expect to resume normal activities in a few days.

How long does a dental implant procedure take?

It generally takes about one hour per implant. This can vary if you are receiving multiple implants or require extractions or bone grafts.

Can you have a denture for one tooth?

Partial dentures can replace one or more teeth, but they can feel uncomfortable to wear. The denture is fitted around your existing teeth and a pontic, or false tooth, is attached to the mouthpiece where a replacement tooth is needed. Alternatively, a single dental implant can replace one tooth without the need for an oral appliance or any moving parts.

Who is not a good candidate for dental implants?

Patients who have suppressed immune systems, who habitually grind their teeth, or who have periodontal (gum) disease may not qualify for implants. To see if you are a candidate, contact Carolinas Center for Dental Implants for a consultation.

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