Cosmetic Scar Revision

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Cosmetic Scar Revision & Treatment

Charlotte scar revision will help reduce the appearance of scars.

Scarring is a natural part of the body’s healing process and can vary in size and appearance based on it’s location.

Scars from past injury or surgery can be quite bothersome, and while they can never be completely removed, we can often improve the appearance through scar revision treatments. Most scars will fade significantly over time, so we recommend that patients wait at least 1 year before considering scar revision. Many patients we see have scars from years prior, and are looking to improve the long term appearance of old injuries.

For corrective plastic surgery, MyCenters also offers a complete suite of cosmetic surgical services for active reconstruction for facial traumas, deformities or birth defects.

Types of Scar Revision Treatments

Keloid Scar Revision

Keloid scars occur when the body aggressively tries to heal itself and extends the scar tissue beyond the original injury. With time, some of these sscars may inhibit movement. Keloid scars are more common with people with dark skin tones.

Hypertrophic Scar Treatments

Raise, red scars that are similar to keloid but stay around the injury and do not go past it. Treatments include options for flattening the scar and smoothing it to match the surrounding skin.

Hypertrophic scars and keloid scars are often treatable with steroid injections, but if that doesn’t prove satisfactory, surgical techniques can be used. Scar tissue may be removed, and incisions performed that will make the scar less visible. ‘Z-plasty’ and ‘W-plasty’ are common surgical techniques that lessens the appearance of a scar by removing scar tissue, then creating triangular skin flaps that fold together nicely.

Contracture Scars

Scars that result in tightening of the skin can restrict movement when the healing skin gets pulled together are considered contracture scars. This condition can occur after a burn, injury, or surgical procedure. Contracture can also occur after breast augmentation surgery, when the scar tissue thickens and tightens around the implant. Revision procedures can often help in these cases.

Acne Scars

Acne scars range from deep pits to angular or have a pattern-like appearance are common with acne. Typically they are found on the face, back or arms and are a result of bad acne. Acne scars result in an wide affected and different methods are used to clear up these difficult scars.

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