Should I Wax or Tint My Eyebrows First?

Eyebrow waxing and tinting can give your brows the shape and color you desire. When performed by a cosmetic professional, waxing and tinting can be done at the same appointment. If you are interested in having your brows waxed and tinted, we will complete the tint first and then the wax. 

At Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our licensed aesthetician will examine your cosmetic needs and help determine the right treatment for you. We offer many surgical and nonsurgical treatments and many of them can be combined to achieve your dream look in fewer visits. Contact our office in Charlotte, NC, today to schedule your eyebrow tint or wax session or to learn more about our services.

Eyebrow Tinting


Eyebrow tinting involves applying a semi-permanent color to the finer brow hairs. A tint fills in sparse areas and makes the brows stand out to frame the face better. Some patients have their eyebrows tinted to match the shade with a new hair color. 

What to Expect

First, we’ll clean the brow area. Then, we will carefully apply a permanent due to the eyebrows. The dye is safe and most dyes used for tinting are vegetable or plant-based. The solution will sit on your eyebrows for a few minutes and we will wipe away any excess solution. The eyebrow tinting process by itself takes about 15–20 minutes or less. 


After the tint, your eyebrows will look darker, fuller, and more evenly colored. The results will last between 4–6 weeks. 

Eyebrow Waxing


After your eyebrows have been tinted, we can wax them to clean up their shape and make them more symmetrical. Eyebrow waxing works by quickly removing unwanted hairs in the brow area. If you do not have your eyebrows tinted beforehand, we can perform the eyebrow waxing by itself. 

What to Expect

We will apply hot wax on the unwanted hair in the brow area. The wax that we use is safe for sensitive skin. Then, we apply wax strips to the wax on your skin and quickly remove them, taking away the unwanted hair. Any discomfort subsides quickly and we apply a special serum to soothe the skin after the waxing procedure. The eyebrow waxing process by itself takes about 20 minutes or less.


The results from having your eyebrows waxed will last between 3–4 weeks. 

Eyebrow Waxing and Tinting in Charlotte, NC 

Our team is here to help bring your cosmetic vision to life. Our certified aesthetician Tina Angers will customize the cosmetic experience to fit your exact needs and skin condition, creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience with results you’ll love. Contact Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more about eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tinting in Charlotte, NC, and schedule your visit.