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The appearance of wrinkles and loose or sagging skin is a part of the natural aging process. This is because collagen, a protein found throughout the body (especially in the skin), begins to break down. There are many options to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin firmness. A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is an ideal surgical option to achieve a younger-looking appearance with lasting results.

We can combine a facelift with other cosmetic surgeries to improve the overall appearance of the cheeks, chin, neck, and jawline. This process involves carefully repositioning the facial tissues underneath the skin and the results are long term, smoother-looking skin.

Patients who undergo this procedure report a positive leap in confidence. There are notably fewer lines and overall a more youthful contour of the face.

Benefits of Facelift Surgery

  • Tighten loose skin
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and deep lines
  • Restore fullness to the face
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Achieve youthful-looking results in all areas of your face as opposed to other procedures that only target specific areas
  • Combine with a neck or brow lift to renew your look and restore your youthful appearance

Why Get a Facelift?

As we age, our bodies naturally change because of a lack of collagen. Facial surgery and cosmetic procedures aim to help people feel confident about their appearances through safe and effective treatments.

Other factors can cause a change in facial skin, such as sun damage, stress, smoking, the loss of facial fat, and genetics. Common reasons to undergo a facelift include:

  • Sagging cheeks
  • Excess skin around your lower jawline, creating jowls
  • A deepening fold stretching from the side of your nose to the corner of your mouth
  • Excess fat around the neck or face

If you can relate to any of these conditions, we invite you to contact our office for a consultation. Our team of experts will evaluate your goals and create a treatment plan to improve your confidence and restore your youthful appearance.

Our office is located in Charlotte, NC, and you can call us at (704) 714-2259 for an appointment.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Facelift surgery is tailored to meet your individual goals and is great for those with realistic expectations. A good candidate is a healthy nonsmoker who does not have any medical conditions that impair healing. There is no ideal age to get a facelift, though most patients are in their 40s or early 50s.

Types of Anesthesia

There are three main choices for anesthesia

The Facelift Process


Your surgeon will instruct you on specific steps to follow prior to your facelift surgery. These may include taking certain medications, applying products to the face, avoiding aspirin and herbal supplements, and not smoking.

Facelift Surgery

We typically perform this surgery under general anesthesia, but IV sedation with local anesthesia may be an option for some patients. We can combine this procedure with other cosmetic procedures. Eyelid surgery, a brow lift, chin augmentation, cheek augmentation, and facial liposuction can also be included. Fat grafting is another popular treatment option to restore lost facial volume.

Your doctor will outline the details of your procedure beforehand and advise you on ways to prepare and what to expect during recovery. When you arrive for your procedure, we will administer the anesthesia and begin the procedure once it has taken effect. The details of your surgery will depend on the type of facelift you choose. A facelift procedure can take 2–4 hours to complete, but this can be longer if additional cosmetic procedures are performed at the same time.

Types of Facelifts

For a traditional facelift, your surgeon will make incisions that are strategically placed along the hairline. The tissues underneath the skin are repositioned and tightened, and excess skin is removed. Your surgeon may redistribute fat around the face and neck for optimal results

A neck lift is a type of facelift procedure that removes excess skin around the neck and chin. The concept is the same as a traditional facelift, except the incisions are made in the front of the ear lobe, extend behind the ear, and end in the posterior hairline.

A mini facelift is a variation of a traditional facelift. This procedure targets only the lower half of the face. You can think of it as the opposite of a brow lift, which targets the upper half of the face. Instead of enhancing the skin's appearance all over the face, a mini facelift involves tightening the skin around the jawline and neck.

Your surgeon will place removable sutures, staples, or clamps as necessary to close the wounds. Once the anesthesia wears off, you will be driven home by your prearranged driver. Begin following your post-operative care instructions immediately.

After the Procedure

We may give you antibiotics or ointment to assist wound healing. Mild to moderate discomfort is not uncommon within several days after surgery. You may experience swelling, bruising, or numbness around the face and incisions. Use over-the-counter pain medication and ice packs to manage discomfort and swelling.

Keep your head elevated when possible and give yourself time to rest and recover. You can generally expect a couple of weeks of downtime after a facelift. After about 1 week following surgery, you will return to our office to have your stitches removed. Many patients return to their normal routines after this follow-up appointment.


You’ll notice results from a facelift in about one month after swelling subsides and you have healed. Full results will be seen in about 6 months, after the face “settles” and residual swelling, sensations, or tightness subside. Results from a full facelift can last for 10–20 years.

Risks Associated With a Facelift

Only a qualified cosmetic surgeon should perform a facelift. Dr. Mohamed at Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery is a board-certified cosmetic expert who specializes in patient health and safety during any type of surgical procedure. The risks of a facelift are rare, but can include bleeding, facial nerve injury, infection, numbness, skin discoloration, or hair loss at the incision sites. Dr. Mohamed precisely places each incision in areas that will result in the least possible scarring.

Your Facial Surgery Experts in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Waheed Mohamed is a leading surgeon in cosmetic and oral surgery who is board-certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) and the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (ABOMS). He will listen to your esthetic goals and create a treatment plan to meet them. If you are interested in rejuvenating your appearance, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mohamed at Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions: Facelift

Does a facelift leave scars?

Dr. Mohamed makes incisions along the hairline and along the natural contours of the face so they are unnoticeable after the procedure. Scars typically fade a year after surgery.

How long after a facelift before I can go out in public?

You may feel comfortable presenting yourself to the public around 10–14 days after your facelift. It will take several months before your face fully feels “back to normal.”

How much does a facelift cost in Charlotte?

The cost of a facelift depends on the type of facelift you would like, and if you plan on combining it with any other type of cosmetic surgery. During your first visit with us, we will talk about your cosmetic goals and determine the right steps to meet them. We will provide you with a cost estimate at this time. Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out the cost of a facelift in Charlotte, NC, at Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery.

Will there be any pain with a facelift?

General anesthesia is used with this procedure, which will render you unconscious. You will not feel pain during the surgery. Some discomfort can be expected with any type of procedure. The instructions we provide will guide you through recovery and include tips to minimize swelling and manage pain.

Am I too young to get a facelift?

Although signs of aging usually appear during your 30s, facelifts are not recommended. Non-invasive or other skin rejuvenating options are great ways to treat early wrinkles and creases, while facelifts are more ideal for older patients looking to dramatically improve more noticeable signs of aging.

Facelifts in Charlotte, NC

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