Advanced Technology for Comprehensive Results

3D imaging technology is an important first step in most oral surgery treatments. The images created allow doctors to view the teeth, jaws, and other structures from all angles and helps them create accurate and efficient surgical plans. Since the images created are of your unique facial structure, doctors can tailor every treatment plan while minimizing the risk of surprises that can arise during surgery. Most 3D scans are taken during the consultation appointment.

Benefits of 3D Imaging

3D imaging is a very useful tool in oral and cosmetic surgery.

  • Highly detailed images allow a comprehensive view from all angles
  • Reduce radiation exposure (compared to X-rays)
  • Minimize risk of surprises during surgery
  • Digital images allow for easy sharing with referring provider and other specialists
  • Treatment plans can be created quickly based off the instant information that 3D images provide

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Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery uses the latest in 3D imaging technology to ensure their patients receive safe and comprehensive care. 3D scans allow for accurate imaging, comprehensive treatment plans, and improved results. Please contact Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery to schedule.