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There may be a number of reasons that you and your oral surgeon determine that a tooth needs to be extracted.  Sometimes teeth with severe decay or periodontal disease, and broken teeth can’t be repaired. Some teeth may need to be removed due to poor positioning in the mouth (such as impacted teeth and wisdom teeth).

Dr. Jim Howell leads our oral surgery team in Greenville, SC.  Our doctors are double-board certified and bring a unique depth of experience and knowledge to the proper teeth extraction techniques. They apply this experience towards the comfort and care of each and every one of our patients in a clean and modern medical office setting. With an office off of Verdae Rd., our location is convenient to the Woodruff Rd and Parkins Mill areas.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are so common, they’re pretty much a rite of passage for a young adult. It’s very common that most people’s mouths do not have the space to accomodate third molars (also know as wisdom teeth).  These teeth usually begin to grow in during a young adult’s late teens or early twenties.  In addition to causing pain, they can also cause complications with crowding and will need to be removed.

Serving Greenville, SC

With X-Rays and an oral exam,  Dr.  Howell can evaluate if your teeth will cause future problems. No primary dentist referrals are required and we accept most major dental insurance. Give us a call or request an appointment online now!

If wisdom teeth can't break through the gums, they can lead to severe pain and other symptoms like constant headaches, dizziness and face and jaw swelling.

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