Dr. Waheed Mohamed

Medically reviewed by Dr. Waheed Mohamed

The cost of a chemical peel will vary depending on the level of peel you receive, how often you undergo chemical peel sessions, and where you go to receive your cosmetic treatment. At Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we customize every detail of the chemical peel treatment to fit your exact needs, so the cost will vary from person to person.

To find out how much a chemical peel would cost, contact our office in Charlotte, NC, today. We will customize your treatment just for you and let you know how much your chemical peel would cost beforehand so you know exactly what to expect.

Types of Chemical Peels We Offer

Our office uses trichloroacetic acid, or TCA, chemical peels. TCA peels are incredibly versatile and allow us to modify the intensity of your treatment to target the right layer(s) of skin you wish to treat. You can undergo a superficial, or light, peel to improve your skin’s texture, or a deep peel to address deeper wrinkles. Learn more about TCA peels and what to expect throughout the process on our Chemical Peels page.

Chemical Peels in Charlotte, NC

Our team is here to help bring your cosmetic vision to life. Our team will customize your treatment to fit your exact needs and skin condition, creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience with results you’ll love. Contact Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery today to see how much it could cost for you to have a chemical peel in Charlotte, NC, and to learn about the remarkable benefits of this cosmetic treatment.