People undergo chemical peels for different reasons, whether it is to address the signs of aging or balance out skin tone. There are different types of chemical peels, and the results from your treatment will depend on the type of peel you receive. After your skin has healed, the results could last anywhere from a few months to a few years. In some cases, the results of a deep peel will be permanent. Here’s what you can expect in terms of chemical peel results from the different types of peels:

  • Superficial (Light) Peel
    • A light peel removes only the top, superficial layers of the skin. Results can last several months.
  • Medium Peel
    • A medium peel uses slightly stronger acids than a light peel to penetrate deeper skin layers. Results can last several months or longer.
  • Deep Peel
    • Deep peels use stronger acids that remove damage to deeper layers of skin. Results can last for years or for life.

Chemical peels often require repeat treatments to reach your desired results. Your cosmetic specialist will map out the right timeline for your needs so that we can achieve your cosmetic goals safely. We can also recommend products to care for your skin at home to keep it moisturized and protected.

What to Expect After a Chemical Peel

We will walk you through what to expect before, during, and after your chemical peel so you know exactly how to take care of your skin. The downtime after a chemical peel can be between 5–10 days depending on the strength of the peel. Be sure to cover treated areas with a thin layer of HydraBalm to prevent the skin from feeling dry. Apply a thicker layer before bed and decrease the frequency of the ointment each day as the skin heals.

The treated area will “frost” and may resemble a sunburn, which is a natural reaction to the chemical solution on your skin. You can take Tylenol® or Advil® if necessary or follow instructions from your specialist on how to manage any discomfort following treatment. Your skin will peel, usually starting the next day. After the skin has peeled, any fading or pinkness will subside within a few weeks and you can enjoy your beautifully refreshed, healthier-looking skin. Learn more about what to expect during the chemical peel process on our Chemical Peels page.

At Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we customize the chemical peel experience to fit your exact needs and skin type. Our office used TCA peels, which are incredibly versatile. To find out the right type of chemical peel for you.

Chemical Peels in Charlotte, NC

Our team is here to help bring your cosmetic vision to life. We will customize your treatment to fit your exact needs and skin condition, creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience with results you’ll love. Contact Carolinas Center for Cosmetic Surgery today if you are interested in learning more about chemical peels in Charlotte, NC and to schedule an appointment.